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Teknos Deutschland GmbH

We are a global coatings company. We offer a wide range of paints and coatings for the manufacturing industry, building professionals and consumers.

We strive, in every possible way, to help our customers find the ideal solution for their particular purposes. Utilizing thorough research as well as feedback from various market areas, we continuously develop our product range to ensure the best possible customer satisfaction. Combined with our wide knowledge and history of providing industry-leading quality for decades, we are confident in our product range’s ability to solve any coating challenge, in any specific situation.

We have a strong focus on environmental issues to ensure we meet, and even exceed, the diverse needs of today. Teknos was established in 1948, and is one of Finland’s largest family-owned businesses. It is headed by CEO Paula Salastie, who currently represents the third generation of the Kiikka family.

Industry-driven product quality, uncontested heritage, and committed people help us to achieve our results. In 2019 our group net sales was approximately EUR 398 million. In recent years, we have grown rapidly. Today, with operations in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, and the USA, we employ 1,800 people globally and we are one of the leading suppliers of industrial coatings with a strong position in retail and architectural coatings.

We are on our mission to make the world last longer by providing smart, technically advanced paint and coating solutions to protect and prolong. We always work in close cooperation with our customers.




Teknos Deutschland GmbH

Edelzeller Str. 62
D-36043 Fulda

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Benjamin Röse
Business Development Director

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<p>Edelzeller Str. 62<br /> D-36043 Fulda</p>
<p><br /> <strong>Your Contact:</strong><br /> Benjamin Röse<br /> Business Development Director<br /> <a href=""></a></p>
<p><br /> <strong>Downloads</strong>:<br /> <a href="t3://file?uid=168" target="_blank">- Teknos True Texture (PDF)</a><br /> <a href="t3://file?uid=169" target="_blank">- Teknos Digital Printing (PDF)</a><br /> <a href="t3://file?uid=167" target="_blank">- Teknos Digital Embossing (PDF)</a></p>