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Improve Process Analytics and Control GmbH (IPAC), located in Villach (AUT), is the leading manufacturer of high end colour-measurement systems to evaluate the colour impression of decorative surfaces.

IPAC develops innovative measurement technology to make the production of decorative surfaces more sustainable and of higher quality - for the benefit of customers, end customers and the environment.

Through intensive technological development, IPAC makes automated color matching for digital printing possible for the first time. Furthermore, IPAC, due to its high-quality measurement technology, fulfills the requirements for a successful implementation of digital quality management (DQM) in the decor and wood-based industry.

IPAC has taken on the challenge of the industry, resulting from the switch to DQM, and has developed into a specialist for process integration of measurement technology for customers.




Improve Process Analytics and Control GmbH

Europastraße 8
9524 Villach, Austria

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Harald Jordan
Managing Director

<p>Europastraße 8<br /> 9524 Villach, Austria</p>
<p><br /> <strong>Your Contact:</strong><br /> Harald Jordan<br /> Managing Director</p>