Plantag Coatings GmbH
PCG Group


Plantag Coatings GmbH
PCG Group
Plantagenweg 34-38
D-32758 Detmold


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Jürgen Rost
Head of Wood Coatings
[email protected]

The PCG Group is a family-owned group of companies with ist seat in Detmold (East Westphalia). As a manufacturer of coatings we are specialist for surface technology. Several companies and brands are managed under the umbrella of the PCG Group, which distinguish and complement each other through different core competencies:
PLANTAG(R) products and solutions for the industry: radiation-curing (UV, EB, LED, Excimer), solvent-based and water-based coating systems
JORDAN(R) LACKE products and solutions for craftsmen: application-optimizing products for innovative joinery and carpentry
BLC LACK CHEMIE products and solutions for finish foil and edge material made of plastics