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Interprint GmbH
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“Think global, act local” – Interprint has demonstrated this philosophy for over 50 years. With around 1,300 employees worldwide, 390 of these at the company’s headquarters in Arnsberg, Interprint is one of the leading finish printing houses. Established in 1969, Interprint soon began to explore uncharted territory by adding a new dimension to the wood-based materials market: the surface. Since then, Interprint has continuously reinvented itself: milestones such as the introduction of digital printing or Press Play, or going beyond the classic collection of trendy finishes, illustrate the company’s innovative drive, which became even more dynamic in 2019. Interprint joined the Japanese Toppan Group last year, thereby hugely increasing its product range and technical possibilities. The finishes are applied to the surfaces of numerous wood-based materials which are then used to manufacture furniture or flooring and interior fit-out elements. The digital printing technology also makes small batch production possible. Interprint’s wood, stone and fancy finishes look strikingly “authentic”. This authenticity is also part of the corporate culture. Interprint employs people with a real passion for finishes from over 30 global cultures.